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Front Entrance, Dedication Stone & Title - Regents University, Regents Park, London

The College had un update from College to University status, so the main stone entrance sign required the update. 'Bedford' had already been pasted over with 'Regents'. 'University' would not fit, so a new top line was created using three smaller panels of Portland Basebed stone, with letters cut by John DasGupta. Fixing the new panels required removing to a depth of 70mm the old stone using grinders, chisels and mini breaker, then fixing the new panels with epoxy resin and bedding mortar. The installation or fixing work was carried out over the Christmas and New Year period while staff and students were away.

Before Update

Main Stone Entrance Sign Before Update

During Update

Main Stone Entrance Sign During Update

After Update

Main Stone Entrance Sign After Update

Oliver Gill (Stonemason)
107c Blenheim Crescent, Kensington, London, W11 2EQ, England
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