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Limestone Portico Repairs - Kensington, London

The portico of this building had some serious issues of collapsing stone and structural integrity. New Bath limestone stone details were carved, then brought to site for fixing into cut out sections. The central beam also has 6 x 1.2 metre lengths of stainless steel flat bar(75mm x 5mm) secured in 3 cut slots with epoxy resin front and back to arrest further slump in the middle.

Limestone Portico Before Repairs Limestone Portico During Repairs
Bath Limestone Stone Details Limestone Portico After Repairs
Limestone Portico Repairs Sketch

Oliver Gill (Stonemason)
107c Blenheim Crescent, Kensington, London, W11 2EQ, England
Tel: 0207 2217674 Mobile: 07826 655787 Email:

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